Canadian man mows lawn with tornado behind him



Cecilia Wessels told the CBC that mowing the lawn was on her husband's to-do list and he wasn't going to let severe weather stop him from getting it done.

"It looks much closer if you look in the photo, but it was really far away", Theunis Wessels told the Times Colonist.

The tornado was captured by a number of videos and pictures uploaded to social media. In reality it was pretty far away and moving away from the Wessel's house. Theunis, who has rightly earned the sobriquet "Tornado Man", had finished what he set out do on his lawn.

Early reports suggest no injuries or damage from the tornado, which grew from a long line of afternoon storms that swept across the centre of the province.

"We're originally from South Africa and this is the first time we've ever seen a tornado", he said according to CTV News. But what of this photo of a Canadian man mowing his lawn in the middle of a twister like it's no big thing?

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The twister did not injure or kill anyone, though some property was damaged.

A tornado touched down in Canada on Friday - but it wasn't the massive funnel cloud that got all the attention after the storm passed.

Witnesses said the tornado was on the ground for about ten minutes. However, he had not yet started the mower when she laid down for a nap.

"I know they can be unsafe, but it was handsome at the same time", Luoma said.

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