Cavs try to adjust on both ends after Game 1 beating

You can't go into the game saying, 'Oh, KD is going to have six driving lanes to the rim and where don't get touched and he dunks.

None of that means they win but it means there is not 22 points difference between these two teams and the Warriors need remember that even if ESPN's and ABC's talking heads may forget it. It was the kind of mismatch that gives playground bullies a bad name.

Now Kerr is back, facing the very team that stormed back from a 3-1 deficit in last year's Finals to steal a championship.

The Warriors built the behemoth they've become off of a motion offense that highlights their players' ability to make plays off the ball.

He sat out most of the 2016 season.

And this year, it was Cleveland's turn to lose Bogut.

When the Warriors didn't take the ball away, they made the Cavs work for everything. He just can't sit on the bench for those 2.5 hours.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who has been feeling better lately, but whose health has been tenuous for the past two years, attended practice Saturday. Since then, assistant coach Mike Brown has filled in for Kerr and Golden State is in a third straight NBA Finals.

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“Weve always known hes been really good on the ball, ” teammate Andre Iguodala said. No moment is too big for him. "He's just a man that we really, really respect and hope that he keeps on doing it". I expect him to eventually get back to the level of play that he showed he was capable of in the Eastern Conference Finals (and in last year's NBA Finals).

"I know (Durant's) ready for that challenge", Curry said of the matchup with James, the reigning Finals MVP.

If Game 2 of the NBA Finals follows the same script as Game 1, basketball fans may have to prepare for a short series.

Combining Durant's versatility as a scorer with the shooting prowess of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson creates all types of conundrums for opposing defenses, especially in transition - which the Warriors live for. "We had some mutual friends". Let's face it, I don't think you'd see any of the Warriors guys busting moves to a Rihanna track. And it was because he's efficient. "He's one of the best shooters we have ever seen", Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said. "He's quick. For him to be able to rely on his ballhandling, getting to where he wants to on the court, that's the main thing". They're going to be way more aggressive in the pick-and-roll on the offensive end and defensively.

Pop, R&B, and hip hop sensation Rihanna appears to have taken over that role of celebrity heckler from the likes of predecessors Jack Nicholson with the Lakers and Spike Lee with the Knicks.

Meanwhile, Cleveland, after finishing second-to-last in the National Basketball Association in defense after the all-star Break, made mistakes a junior-varsity team would defensively in Game 1, allowing multiple uncontested dunks for Durant and often looking hopelessly lost at that end of the floor.

Since Game 1, 94 percent of bets to win the series at William Hill's Nevada sportsbook have been on Cleveland.

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