Confirmed! Briana DeJesus Joins the 'Teen Mom 2' Cast

Confirmed! Briana DeJesus Joins the 'Teen Mom 2' Cast

Confirmed! Briana DeJesus Joins the 'Teen Mom 2' Cast

Briana DeJesus, one of the stars of long-departed (R.I.P.) MTV's Teen Mom 3, is returning to the series!

Well, fans - it looks like those Teen Mom 2 casting rumors are true!

During the Teen Mom OG after show on Monday, DeJesus revealed she and daughter, Nova, who were on Teen Mom 3 in 2013, will be joining the cast of Teen Mom 2.

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And Briana has a bit of a history with Jace, Kaiser and Ensley's mama - specifically, a tweet (from Bri) which stated, "Stay in your lane and maybe grow up a little bit". The two worked on their family issues while on the show and had one of the most emotional stories of the season when Brittany found out that she and Briana didn't have the same father, and that her biological father had died when she was a baby. She's insisting, she says, 'It's Star and that's final!' As the statement reveals, Briana will be dealing with a whole new set of baby daddy issues this time around, as well as issues with her oldest daughter's father. However, the series is sure to be intense with the addition of DeJesus. "They needed someone to spice it up", an insider told Radar Online. "[Nova's] 5, and she can watch back. I haven't seen her yet". "Now, I've learned better", she admitted.

What are your thoughts about Briana DeJesus joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 in Season 8?

Briana is now pregnant with her second child, a girl due in July.

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