Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Is Considering A Leave Of Absence

Travis Kalanick speaks to students during an interaction at the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Mumbai

Travis Kalanick speaks to students during an interaction at the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Mumbai

Also this year, Uber was caught using a secret in-app tool called "greyball", that helped it evade cops and competitors in areas where the ride-sharing service was not legally allowed to operate.

Reuters reports that the board will be discussing some "time off" for Kalanick, and that after a leave of absence he "might return in a role with less authority. either in a position other than CEO or as CEO with narrower responsibilities and subject to stronger oversight".

Since February, six of Kalanick's direct reports have left, leaving his management team hollowed out.

"I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up", Kalanick said in a statement following the video's release. However, sources say he's not yet decided though he is considering doing so under pressure from the board, as part of the recommendations from the investigation by Covington & Burling.

Uber's board includes Kalanick, his cofounder Garrett Camp, Uber's first CEO Ryan Graves, longtime Uber investor Bill Gurley and Arianna Huffington, among others. Inside Uber, some there is some uncertainty about organization's control to change with Kalanick and Michael, his right-hand man, in control, as indicated by one previous representative.

The company has been mired in controversies starting from sexual harassment at the workplace, lax human resource response to such complaints and Kalanick's own public relations debacles over the past few months. The outside lawyers made no recommendation about Kalanick.

The recent executive exodus has been particularly concerning to those who worry about the checks on Kalanick.

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Michael reportedly oversees strategy initiatives including mergers, acquisitions and fundraising.

Furthermore, numerous executives at the car-hailing company were either told about the records or shown them by this group and the sources said Alexander had carried around the document for "about a year" before other executives, "presumably the legal department, obtained the report and destroyed his copy".

The Journal reported that Uber's chief business officer, Emil Michael, is expected to resign Monday.

Uber has already taken steps to address concerns over harassment. Twenty employees were laid off as a result of the investigation, and more than 50 of the claims are still under review.

On Wednesday, many news outlets detailed Uber official Eric Alexander acquired the restorative records of a lady who had been assaulted by a Uber driver in New Delhi, the capital city of India.

Uber declined comment on that characterization.

More incidents like this could continue to surface, as a second report which will cover culture and diversity at Uber will be published next week. His father was injured last month in a boating accident that killed his mother.

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