Brexit talks may not start on time

I got us into this mess I’ll get us out Theresa May tells Tory MPs

I got us into this mess I’ll get us out Theresa May tells Tory MPs

On its surface, goatskin seems like a quaint oddity of the monarchy - complete with concerns about the Queen missing some of the Royal Ascot horse racing - yet it links into a greater debate about how the United Kingdom government creates its documents.

But the BBC reported: "The BBC understands the Queen's Speech will be delayed by a few days".

Pen can not be put to paper until the exact contents of the speech are finalised, which may be dependent on the outcome of Tory talks with the DUP.

However, despite its name, goatskin paper is not actually made from goatskin. "In many senses consumer and business confidence have been far more resilient than most expected and this undoubtedly influenced by relative domestic political certainty offered by Mrs May's government".

He added: "I think that the details of the Queen's Speech, the substance of the Queen's Speech, is what matters".

Brexit talks may not start as planned next Monday, said David Davis.

"There was a real sense around the Cabinet table today, as you would expect from centre right politicians, that that is the primacy we're looking for", she told BBC News.

Pressed on whether he wanted to replace her, Mr Davis said he was "not interested in running for the leadership", hailing Mrs May as "a very good prime minister".

Mrs May's official spokesman said the target to cut net immigration to the tens of thousands would be maintained.

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But others have welcomed the new minister.

And she sacrificed her joint chiefs-of-staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who were blamed for helping oversee the election strategy that saw the Tories throw away their Commons majority.

Michael Gove, a long-serving cabinet minister with whom May has clashed in the past, was named as the environment secretary.

In a highly unusual move, Theresa May is expected to push back the speech amid Tory disarray as they entered talks with Northern Ireland's DUP to gain their support for a minority Government.

Written by the PM and her colleagues, it outlines the Government's legislative agenda for the coming year.

Brexit Secretary David Davis earlier suggested the negotiations with the European Union may have to be moved. If May fails to muster the numbers, the Queen could even invite Jeremy Corbyn to have a go at it if he can cobble up a majority.

However, Mrs May refused to directly confirm that she meant to try to serve a full term, saying only: 'I said during the election campaign that if re-elected, I would intend to serve a full term. "And she will certainly get it from me".

Meanwhile, May was holding her first meeting of her new political Cabinet with a full-fledged Cabinet meeting scheduled tomorrow. "It's not my job to say any more than I have".

After speculation in the Sunday newspapers that he was mounting a leadership challenge, Mr Johnson has called for Tory MPs to back Mrs May.

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