Katy Perry opens up on livestream about living 'under this crazy microscope'

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Katy Perry opens up on livestream about living 'under this crazy microscope'

Katy began her live-stream with a therapy session with Dr Siri Nam Singh.

The star is now live streaming her every move as she releases new album Witness. And now, the pop star is owning up. "And also things you don't even know that you have [come out in therapy, including] traumas from childhood".

Perry said that suicidal thoughts used to pass over her mind in her past and that she wrote her 2013 song, By the Grace of God, about that hard times and depressing period she used to face and deal with.

But the most personal moments came during her talk with Singh. But it's hard because I'm ashamed that I would even have those thoughts, you know? During their conversation (which is available to watch in full here), Perry revealed that she struggled with self-doubt and suicidal thoughts. And I didn't realise that that's not everybody's intention.

The "Swish Swish" singer said this in a live interview with Ariana Huffington when asked if she was willing to forgive her archrival.

"I love her, and I want the best for her", she added.

It's Josh Groban. They never got together, Perry signaled.

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Katy Perry has been bravely opening up about her mental health while she promotes her latest album Witness. "He's the best", she went on to add. Katy also revealed in another interview that she is ready to leave her feud with Taylor Swift behind. "I do the right thing any time that it feels like a fumble". "You know, I didn't feel like I was enough, so I had to kind of create this character of myself".

"Katy Perry the pop princess got many pulses racing in 2008 with the release of the hot single 'I Kissed a Girl" and she is still hotter than ever.

"People talk about my hair, right, and they don't like it, or they wish that it was longer", she said.

But she has to admit that Katheryn Hudson's alter ego, Katy Perry, has "done really well". Good or bad, the 32-year-old is often open and honest about her life.

But not so, says Perry. She spoke about how we don't really see how she's nerdy or that she is a goofball.

Perry also shared the real reason why she made a decision to get a pixie cut.

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