Professor eats his pro-Brexit book after election stunner

They got 40 per cent, meaning he had to tuck in. The professor of politics at the University of Kent was filmed eating pages of his book on Live TV and answering questions of the news anchor easily.

Like many pundits, Kent University's Matthew Goodwin doubted Jeremy Corbyn's party would poll anywhere near a win. Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party's representation in Parliament fell to 318 MPs - eight seats shy of keeping an outright majority in the Parliament - while Corbyn's Labour Party brought their representation to 262 MPs.

Goodwin ate his book about Brexit on Sky News which stunned panel members as well as the audience. He then ripped out a page of his book and proceeded to eat it, after first plugging that it was for sale "at all good bookstores".

Amid mounting pressure, he tweeted on Saturday: "OK".

The writer chewed up several pages from his book during a live television show after he mispredicted the result obtained by the Labor's Party during the parliamentary elections.

He said to Sky News that as Labour under Jeremy Corbyn had got two more percentage points than expected, and he was a "man of his word", he would eat the book.

Matthew Goodwin had promised on Twitter that if his poll prediction for the UK Polls went wrong, he would eat his entire book on the separation of the UK from the European Union.

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