Florida Gov. approves pay raise bill for state workers

Florida Gov. approves pay raise bill for state workers

Florida Gov. approves pay raise bill for state workers

- Florida Governor Rick Scott is facing intense pressure from both sides as he weighs whether to sign or veto the controversial and wide-ranging education bill.

While the education omnibus bill offers changes for all kinds of schools in Florida, from requiring recess to reducing mandatory testing, it accelerates state tax dollar funding for-profit and nonprofit charter and private schools, expands parents' abilities to chose schools, and tightens Tallahassee's controls over what local school boards can and cannot do. Since I got elected in 2010, I've met and actually respect a lot of people who work for the state. The raises go into effect July 1, the start of the state's fiscal year.

The payoff came Thursday, when Scott signed Corcoran's top priority into law after days of "reviewing" the legislation.

Corcoran called "the most transformative pro-parent, pro-student, pro-teacher, and pro-public education bill" in Florida history.

But the scores of protesters, mostly public school teachers and supporters, didnt like one of the bills passed by state lawmakers and now awaiting Scotts signature.

Flynt said teachers from around the state are in the area for training this week. "You look back and think, 'Could I have done more?' I think we've done more than we ever had before".

The legislation was a top priority for House Speaker Richard Corcoran. The five percent hike will add up to an extra $11.7 million dollars for state agencies, including the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Highway Patrol.

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"It's hard to say if we could have done anything differently", Couch said. This critical pay initiative will help us to retain and recruit qualified law enforcement personnel.

They battled for months over the Governor's beloved tourism and jobs programs, Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida.

Gov. Scott invested more than $4.9 billion in public safety in the Fighting for Florida's Future budget.

"We want to make sure we keep the most talented and dedicated professional staffers in our state workforce", Latvala said in a statement issued after Scott's action. But Scott and the others have heard the criticism for weeks, since Corcoran unveiled the massive HB 7069 on May 9. Judges, state attorneys and public defenders will get a 10 percent raise in October.

It also provides funding to increase the base rate of pay for correctional officers, increase the pay to certified mental health correctional officers, and provide a hiring bonus to correctional officers at institutions with high officer vacancy rates.

Rank-and-file employees who now earn 40,000 dollars a year or less will get a 1,400 dollar pay increase and those earning more than 40,000 will receive a 1,000 raise.

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