Twitter Takes Some Cues From Instagram for Redesign Across Apps, Website

Twitter gets a new look on every platform

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A new side navigation menu and fewer tabs at the bottom of the app means that there will be less clutter while scrolling making it easier to browse. With "intuitive icons" and refined typography, this redesign unifies the Twitter branding and experience on the web and mobile. Twitter now has about 328 million monthly active users, who're coming to the platform to stream live content or see the U.S President Trump make a fool of himself.

The new Twitter app for iOS devices now come with four tabs instead of five. There were nearly 30,000 tweets about the new user interface, or UI, within hours of the change, the vast majority of them either complaining about the new look or mocking it.

Twitter says the changes have been made on the basis of feedback and ideas from the users. However, with Twitter Lite, the users don't have to be concerned about slow connection as it is a progressive web app making it easy to connect even on a slow data. The overall look is brighter and more engaging for first-time users.

After showing unexpected signs of growth in the previous quarter, Twitter is now looking to onboard fresh new users to its platform.

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'We switched to a speech bubble, a symbol most know and love.

Speaking of, articles and website links will now automatically open in Safari's viewer within the Twitter app when users tap on them.

Icons are also now lighter, "for more seamless interaction". In December 2016, Dorsey took to Twitter to ask users what they would like to see change about the network. Twitter also replaced its reply arrow with a speech bubble, something that's familiar to anyone who has ever used Instagram. For tweets with multiple photos, the color updates automatically as you swipe through the photos.

The company turned to redesigning the platform when its co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey visited Twitterverse in December, last year.

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