7% of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows

Trust in media takes embarrassing hit. It involves brown cows and chocolate milk

More Americans today believe that brown cows produce chocolate milk than believed the media in 2016

With age comes wisdom, but apparently, it doesn't bring much common sense.

However, what's even more tragic is that 7% of participants actually thought chocolate milk comes from brown cows!

To be fair, Americans aren't typically taught, in any formal sense, where their food comes from.

Instead, they reported it comes from brown cows. Inquiring minds would like to know.

The survey findings are very much surprising not only because the people "lacked common sense", but, also because one-fifth of the 50 states in the USA having cattle populations larger than the human population and farming being of the country's biggest industries.

Unless consumers Google the information or learn it in a classroom, it can be easy to disassociate between the milk in their glasses and the cows it took to produce it.

Which means that less than half of the people in this country know that chocolate milk comes from adding chocolate to milk. WTF?

People continue to enjoy a love affiar with cheese - 95% of survey respondents have some type of cheese in their fridge.

Ironically, it's probably from a brown cow. As the Post pointed out, though, Americans have a history of being "agriculturally illiterate". That's more than five times the population of Kansas.

The survey resulted in 7 percent of its 1,000 participants having that belief, a spokesperson confirmed to the Huffington Post. That leaves room for plenty of myths about food and farming to go unchecked.

So beloved is chocolate milk that 29 per cent of people use their children as an excuse to buy the drink for themselves.

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