Atari confirms it is making a new video game console

Atari confirms new game console in the works

Atari's rumored new game console is reportedly PC-based

The video showed close up shots of what seemed like a retro console with wood paneling, quite like the legendary Atari 2600 itself. Now the Atari CEO has confirmed that a new Atari console is being worked on, though we don't have any real information about it.

Chesnais bought Atari back in 2013 after the company filed for bankruptcy protection, and has turned it around since then, It's now profitable, largely due to its success in the mobile game market. However, with the confirmation of Atari CEO Fred Chesnais, the Ataribox does appear to be a thing.

It is too soon to report any development on Atari's new console as Chesnais said as its still in the early stages. Releasing a new gaming console could all be part of a big push to return the company to its former glory, though it will definitely be a challenge to do that. It sounds like the Ataribox is being developed in-house, and will hopefully boast improved emulation, more features, and better build quality.

Of course, you may have already seen various Atari Flashback all-in-one consoles on store shelves already. He doesn't say much else besides the fact that the system is based on PC technology. According to the teaser, Ataribox is a "brand new Atari product" that's been "years in the making". The most obvious answer is that Atari is building its own version of Nintendo's popular NES Classic Edition.

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