Curry, Durant committed to keeping Golden State on top

After being sidelined for part of last season and again during the 2017 playoffs with back pain, head coach Steve Kerr returned during the Finals and said he intends to coach "for a long time".

Curry hopped and shouted as he gave high-fives to the crowd after getting off a double-decker bus during the Thursday parade. In making his point, he directed attention to the organization's drafting prowess and recruiting targets rather than just focusing on the fact that the team has four All-Stars in himself, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

These Warriors, LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh Heat, Kobe Bryant-Pau Gasol Lakers, Shaq-Kobe Lakers, Jordan's Bulls, Bad Boys Pistons, Showtime Lakers, Larry Bird Celtics, Bill Russell Celtics and Minneapolis Lakers - that's the entire list. Kevin Durant was applauded and, naturally, undermined.

While the Warriors haven't formally met to discuss whether they will visit President Donald Trump's White House as is customary for championship teams, Curry said his mind hasn't changed from when he was asked earlier this year about the possibility.

After coming out to a flawless 15-0 in post season, the Warriors dropped game 4 in Cleveland against the Cavaliers and finished off the series Monday night in Oakland with a 129-120 win.

Following their Game 5 loss on Monday night at Oracle Arena in an effort to extend the series, the Cavaliers were emotionally and physically drained.

Warriors guard Klay Thompson was throwing T-shirts to fans and waving from the top of an open, double-decker bus. They, of course, also won three titles in that span.

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Golden State has everything a team could ever want - and answers when the machine sputters, which isn't often. One pregnant fan had painted the Warriors' logo on her stomach.

It will start at 10 Broadway and 11th Street, wind through downtown streets and end with a procession to the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center.

The Warriors made one of the great playoff runs of all time.

That trajectory reversed in the playoffs, which saw viewership increase 4% year-to-year across ABC, TNT, ESPN, and NBA TV through the first three rounds.

They are called the Golden State Warriors, but they don't belong to all of California.

The parade will take place Thursday morning in downtown Oakland, following the same route as the team's parade to celebrate the 2015 National Basketball Association title.

But Thursday the city will make headlines for good news.

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