Kayleigh Morris REMOVED from Big Brother house

Stephanie Davis delays Big Brother's Bit On The Side appearance over Jeremy McConnell

Stephanie Davis has taken aim at Marnie Simpson

She may be used to all the drama in Essex, but even Gemma seemed shocked, asking: "Why do you feel that way because that's a pretty strong feeling?"

After confessing that she's like to snog her hunky housemate earlier in the week, Marnie's wish has come true.

Marnie kissed Kieran after the rest of the housemates left them alone.

Marnie had spent all day flirting with him, telling him he had "nice a plump lips", later adding to Tom Barber that she would like to see him again when he eventually leaves the house.

Earlier in the week the Geordie Shore star admitted having a crush on Kieran, describing the formerEx On The Beach star as "easy on eye", though she wasn't quite so positive about Kayleigh Morris.

'I don't fancy him, ' the reality star blushed, before gushing: 'He's easy on the eye'. So yeah, she's taken that chance because she's desperate at the moment'.

'I would, but I feel that girl's [Rebecca] really hung up on him and I couldn't do that'.

Raphael Korine turned 23 in the Big Brother house today and celebrated in style.

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"Because she publicly humiliated me on TV", said Kayleigh calmly.

She replied: "100 per cent". Oh, Marnie, is it? Marnie is it? I don't know.

She went on to say: "If that's how aggressive she gets, I can't, I will grab a sharp object and I would f**king smack her with it". People have been trying to split us up for years.

'I didn't go through the hardest six months of my life just to be like Steph - is she for real?' the 25-year-old wrote last week.

Not only did Charlotte sleep with Kayleigh's ex, to make matters worse, her current boyfriend Conrad Williams has Charlotte's face tattooed to his leg after he appeared on Just Tattoo of us.

"You hit me know and I'm going to f****** kill you!" she went on.

Marnie was quick to pick up on the comments, tweeting on Wednesday night: 'God Stephanie Davis is such a delusional individual.

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