Gallery: Scarlett Johansson leads the wild girls of 'Rough Night'

The whole thing is played to hilarious effect, and gives Johansson the chance to show off her comedic chops. I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty damn cool that Johansson got to celebrate the premiere of her new film with someone who looks like her.

Since Scarlett thought Geraldine looked drunk in the photo, she said that they chose to have a similar evening. "I want to share a drunk face with you".

Scarlett Johansson has admitted she got "trashed" with elderly doppelganger Geraldine Dodd after inviting the 72-year-old to join her at the Rough Night premiere.

When Johansson recounted this red carpet meeting during an interview with Stephen Colbert recently, she also revealed that, true to her original proposal, she and Geraldine got "trashed". "So I looked at this link online". He said he told her she looked like the actress and that she said she was "drunk as a skunk" in the picture.

Johansson says that even though she'd never been to a bachelorette party, the script drew her in with how amusing it was. Oh my God, she's a lush. "She was such a nice woman, though".

The "Avengers" star first became aware that she had an identical double when a Reddit user posted a back-in-the-day photo of his grandmother that bears an uncanny resemblance to Johansson.

"She was such a nice woman", Scarlett added.

Rough Night is now playing in theaters. And I will eventually make my way to Arkansas and continue this lovely family reunion.

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