'Divergent' star Miles Teller arrested on public intoxication charge

Actor Miles Teller arrested in Pacific Beach for drunk and disorderly behavior

Miles Teller arrested for public drunkenness after refusing to cooperate at detox center

"Fantastic Four" star Teller was arrested and charged with being drunk in public early Sunday morning, a spokesman for the San Diego Police Department told TheWrap on Monday.

According to People, police officers in San Diego approached Teller because he appeared intoxicated and was having trouble keeping his balance.

He reportedly lost his balance and almost fell into a traffic lane, at which point the cop put Miles in handcuffs. Police later confirmed Teller was not to blame for the crash, insisting the other driver cut him off.

Despite his reluctance to go to the detox center, the cops took him there anyway.

Officers gave him the option of sleeping it off at one of the city's detox centers, but the 30-year-old Whiplash star allegedly did not cooperate.

He was eventually taken to the centre against his wishes, but was ultimately rejected by staff because he reportedly couldn't follow directions.

At that point, he was arrested for being drunk in public, and spent several hours at the San Diego Central Jail before he was released.

NBC 7 has reached out to Teller's manager for comment.

So that's when he was booked; it took Teller about four hours to dry out.

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