The Venom Movie And Spider-Man: Homecoming Might Be Connected After All

Spider-Man Homecoming film

The Venom Movie And Spider-Man: Homecoming Might Be Connected After All

But this weekend Homecoming producer (and former Sony boss) Amy Pascal gave a somewhat conflicting report. Then, Sony announced that it would be making spin-off movies starring some of Spider-Man's foes, like the Tom Hardy-led Venom.

Firstly, Marvel boss Kevin Feige recently stated that Venom would not be part of the MCU.

If we take what Layden said literally, that means Shadow of Colossus and Spider-Man could join Monster Hunter World and God of War 4 with early 2018 releases.

"There's always a chance". Marvel's TV shows are still a part of the MCU, but they are kept separated from the movies. "And I think the investment that fans get to feel in being part of a larger story and understanding what's happening, is something that I know Sony would want to emulate". Here's hoping Holland is involved because periphery characters from Spider-Man's universe getting their own movies without any involvement from the man himself. Pascal was also asked if the Tom Holland Spider-Man will be able to appear in Sony's movies in the future. According to Daniel R, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the best since Spider-Man 2, but it isn't without its problems. There is still a lot of room for Peter Parker and Spider-Man, especially, to grow in the next two movies. It's also something that the two studios will have to figure out as soon as possible as movies like Venom head into production.

In addition, Watts teased the Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser, which he thinks is something that people should stick around for.

I'm guessing that the credits will involve either a set-up for Avengers: Infinity War, or a teaser to which villain is coming to the Spider-verse next. Anyway, hopefully Marvel and Sony can sort things out so their relationship can continue.

"He's definitely not the finished article by the end of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and I really look forward to exploring the different ways he can grow up and. go through puberty I guess".

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