Local lawmakers weigh in on Senate GOP healthcare bill

Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, wants next week.

When Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders briefed reporters just after 1 p.m., a few hours after the health care draft was shared with senators and then made public, she declined to discuss any of its contents. Dean Heller and Susan Collins have also withheld support.

Senate Republicans unveiled a draft version of their healthcare plan earlier Thursday. They say the GOP plan could leave hundreds of thousands of people in their states without coverage, including those dealing with chronic health problems. The Senate bill also calls for a tighter cap on federal spending in Medicaid overall than the House bill did.

Medicaid, the health insurance program for low-income families and elderly or disabled Americans, as well as many children with special needs, covers one in five in the USA, or more than 70 million people.

"This is the first I've viewed the legislation so I am beginning to carefully review it as we continue to look at ways to rescue Colorado from the continued negative impacts of the Affordable Care Act on our healthcare system", Gardner said. It would also lower the annual income limit for receiving subsidies to cover insurance premiums to 350 percent of the poverty level, or about $42,000 for an individual, from 400 percent.

Sure enough, an terrible, closed-door process has yielded an bad bill.

The Senate bill would phase out extra money Obama's law provides to 31 states that agreed to expand coverage under the federal-state Medicaid program.

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The Senate version delays cuts to the Medicaid program and maintains tax credits included in Obama's signature Affordable Care Act to help lower income Americans purchase health insurance for at least two years. Republican lawmakers say the Senate bill will preserve coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Hassan said McConnell and Senate Republicans "took the House "Trumpcare" bill, which even President Trump admitted was 'mean, ' and managed to make it even more heartless". The American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association and AARP, representing older people, all criticized the bill.

The president had previously asked the GOP-led Senate to pass a more "generous" bill than the one that was approved by the House - saying it was too "mean".

OBAMACARE - Provides subsidies to help people with lower incomes pay for out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and co-payments. He said the changes he is seeking to the bill would go in the opposite direction of those sought by other current "no" votes - conservative hard-liners including Texas Sen.

"To put the American people through [such] pain - while giving billionaires and corporations a massive tax cut in return - that's tough to fathom", Mr Obama wrote. "Millions would lose their health insurance to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans", Welch said.

"After all, this debate has always been about something bigger than politics".

Republican senators spent more than an hour Thursday morning being briefed privately on the legislation by key staffers of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office and the committees with health-care jurisdiction, though they were not given text of the legislation, which was posted online as they continued their meeting. The GOP holds a 52-48 advantage over Democrats in the Senate, with Vice President Pence standing ready to break ties in the GOP's favor. Because of the Senate Republicans' opaque process, it is still unclear whether their bill will end up as cruel.

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