So far, Trump effect has led only to GOP victories

The USA on 29 December 2016 have ordered Russian diplomats to leave the country within 72 hours a sanction that is aimed to punish an alleged cyberhack into the 2016 US presidential elections

So far, Trump effect has led only to GOP victories

President Donald Trump said he hopes House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi does not step down from her post.

The main argument against Pelosi from her Democratic detractors is that more than 30 years in Washington and hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads against her have taken their toll when it comes to public opinion.

In her victory speech, Handel even gave "a special thanks to the president of United States of America" as the crowd went wild chanting Trump's name.

Handel, who has a long record opposing LGBT rights, will represent Georgia's 6 congressional district, which has historically leaned heavily Republican.

He added that the Dems should not rule out the fact that a #Republican party's Karen Handel won against Jon Jossoff at 52 percent to 48 percent in Georgia.

Congressional Leadership Fund director Corry Bliss told The Washington Times he pauses every morning "to be thankful that the Republican Party still has Nancy Pelosi because Nancy Pelosi is absolutely toxic".

In the wake of the Democrats' loss in the Georgia special election, some in the party are calling for a new message and new leadership.

King has criticized the Trump's tweeting habits before. Many in 2018 will be more under-the-radar contests, like the SC race and the one in Kansas to replace Mike Pompeo, the Republican congressman selected by Trump to be Central Intelligence Agency director.

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So the strategy was - as it had been in three prior special elections to fill Republican seats vacated when the incumbents joined Trump's cabinet - was to make the vote a referendum on Trump. The $25 million raised was not enough to reverse the luck of the Democrats, who suffered defeat in districts within Kansas, Montana and SC.

Over 140,000 people, an extraordinarily high number for a special election in the area, voted early. "All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0", he tweeted, apparently believing that there had been a fifth race. Trump wrote, referring to Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Especially in a constituency like Georgia, which has been in Republican hands since 1979.

'We need leadership change.

A lot of anti-Trump obstructionism is already in play, mostly by Democrats but also by Republicans, so if the GOP does lose its much-needed majorities, then Trump's administration will face even more difficulties in pushing through its policies.

"This is not the outcome we were looking for, but this is the beginning of something bigger than us", said Ossoff to his supporters following defeat.

A documentary filmmaker and former congressional aide, Ossoff is the sort of candidate the ossified national party often favors in close races - lightly seasoned, studiously bland and loosely linked to the district, where he doesn't happen to live. We don't have either one of those.

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