Gerrymandering helped GOP in '16, study finds

The AP also found that Republicans won as many as 22 additional U.S. House seats over what would have been expected, based on the average vote share in congressional districts across the country.

Republicans dominate Wyoming politics like no other state without relying on the old political trick of gerrymandering, or adjusting political boundaries to gain an unfair advantage among voters.

Ultimately, Republicans picked up a 13th district in a state where registered Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by a margin of 4 to 3.

"I thought it was a warning shot to the 70 other districts out there are more Democratic, or more independent than that one, you just watch", said an ever-confident Castor about the Democrats chances of winning back House seats in 2018.

Under a redistricting plan approved in 2012, Idaho's House seats are divided among 35 districts — each district has two House seats and one Senate seat.

In Georgia, just 31 of the 180 state House districts featured both Republican and Democratic candidates, a nation-high uncontested rate of 83 percent.

The calls among some Democrats to oust Pelosi have been ongoing for years as the Democrats have continued to lose seats in the House of Representatives. Democrats won 37 of 65 House seats, theoretically five more than would be expected based on their statewide vote share.

Republican Ralph Norman, a staunch conservative, had a 3 percentage point victory last week in a far quieter SC race in a district that went for President Donald Trump a year ago by 18 percentage points.

The AP examined only races for the state House of Representatives, but not the Senate because not all Senate seats were up for election previous year.

A nationwide analysis by The Associated Press shows lawmakers can cause some statehouses to skew more Democratic and others more Republican by redrawing political boundaries to cluster or divide certain groups of voters.

After Republicans rejiggered district lines following the 2010 census, the frequently 50-50 state was tilted dramatically toward the GOP.

Per the unusual process of how the federal courts handle legal challenges to redistricting, a panel of three federal judges reviewed the gerrymander and concluded in November on a 2-1 vote that the Wisconsin Assembly's election borders were unconstitutional because of how much they diminished Democrats' electoral clout.

"You have a red state like IN, we're still going to be a red state", Kennedy said IN reference to the color associated with Republican-leaning states and districts.

Call said he hoped the Wisconsin case could prompt changes in how Colorado goes about drawing its legislative districts - though those changes would require longshot amendments to the state Constitution and to statute.

"While I think it is possible to minimize the issue of partisanship, it's also true that inevitably if you have legislators drawing the map there will be some partisan consideration", said Earls, the executive director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. The efficiency gap scores show Republicans picked up at least two excess seats each in MI and North Carolina.

When it comes to congressional districts, the state comes out as almost flawless in partisan apportionment, at least statistically.

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