USA election officials gather amid uproar

USA election officials gather amid uproar

USA election officials gather amid uproar

As of this weekend, Arkansas was the only state to submit its voter data.

State officials here say they still do not have full clarity on which of their states were in the group of 21 and criticized the way DHS released the information, spreading concern publicly.

MARTINEZ: State to state, there seems to be different interpretations of what public information is. By one estimate, 7,000 voters were wrongfully removed from the state's voter roles by the 2000 election. It offered some recommendations to the presidential panel but no data. In June, the commission created an uproar when Kobach sent letters to all 50 states requesting extensive personal information from states' voter files. Kobach has also argued that the motor voter law adds to the problem by making it hard to take ineligible people off the rolls. "There are 200 million registered voters in our country, and we've never seen an effort like this to comb and pull together this extensive and vast amount of data on individuals in our country".

It's simple really. According to one analysis ( by a ratio of more than 2 to 1, unreasonable voter I.D. requirements disproportionately suppress the votes of those who are likely to vote for Democrats. He admitted in an interview: "In Kansas, the Social Security number is not publicly available".

But others shrugged at the idea of the information being sold or given to others. At its high range, the president's estimate would mean that undocumented immigrants were about as likely to vote as Hispanic U.S. citizens.

It remains unclear what exactly the hodgepodge of data will be used for. "I don't want everybody to vote", he said. "I think this is something we will build on and it will get better over time". "I still remember my first voter participation meeting in which he was talking about what he was doing in Kansas to root out voter fraud", said Denise W. Merrill, the CT secretary of state.

Following the phone meeting, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who serves as the commission's vice chairman, sent out a request to every state in the union for data on every voter, including names, addresses and the last four digits of Social Security numbers.

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The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a suit on July 3 that contends Kobach's request for voter information violates E-Government Act of 2002, BuzzFeed News reports.

In its statement, the state Election Commission said it would have denied any similar request from any group outside sc.

HASEN: Well, this whole commission is proceeding in a very unusual way. "The SEC has no data on a voter's party affiliation, as SC does not have registration by party".

Now ask yourself: what good reason does any honest person have to be against the release of already largely available information? Additionally, having voter registration information public also provides assurance that no one is getting improperly eliminated from the voter rolls at any time.

The president, in his quest to investigate claims of voter fraud, wants states to turn over vital personal information on voters, including Social Security numbers.

A joint letter from advocacy organizations United to Protect Democracy and the New York University's Brennan Center argued the Commission was violating the Paperwork Reduction Act which places restrictions on how much information and what type of information federal agencies can demand from states.

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