White House spokesperson says Trump, Putin talks sanctions

Donald Trump Vladimir Putin

White House spokesperson says Trump, Putin talks sanctions

When asked about what happened behind closed doors during Trump and Putin's highly anticipated face-to-face meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday, Haley said Trump wanted to look Putin "in the eye".

The president remembers every political slight - and the politicians who abandoned him during the 'Access Hollywood' scandal.

That explanation did not sit well with Democrats. Despite all the chat, Trump has cooled down some, or spoken to someone who knows what they are doing and changed his tune.

It was never true, and never has it been less true than it is now. A ceasefire deal for southern Syria that was announced during the summit was the result of that new approach, Putin said, and represented a "breakthrough". In his mind, the working group turned into a joint "impenetrable unit" to guard against "negative things".

The White House says sanctions related to Russian election meddling were discussed in the meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. "He vehemently denied it. I've already given my opinion".

Cassidy cautioned that if senators are unable to reach agreement by the end of July then a "repeal-only" bill would be a non-starter. "Elsewhere, attitudes have taken a dramatic turn for the worse, especially in Western Europe and Latin America".

Meanwhile, Trump described the encounter as "tremendous" before meeting other world leaders, including British Prime Minister Theresa May and President Xi Jinping of China. "But you keep those that you don't trust closer so that you can always keep an eye on 'em and keep them in check".

In the days following that statement, Press Secretary Josh Earnest and Vice President Joe Biden said the administration was considering options for a "proportional" response.

What were to be remarks about women entrepreneurs had become a Trumpian soliloquy on his daughter Ivanka's merits and his paternal failings.

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A music publicist says he set up a meeting between a Russian lawyer and Donald Trump's eldest son on behalf of a client in Moscow named Emin Agalarov.

Speaking on a visit to Ukraine, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged Russia to take action to ease the bloody separatist conflict in the country's east, which Kiev and the West believe is being fueled by Moscow.

Trump appeared in a music video with Agalarov in 2013.

Mr Soloviev wasn't alone in sharing the image at face value.

In other words, Tillerson's account is consistent with Trump having distanced himself personally from the belief that Russia interfered, and presented the "issue" as one that was causing him political difficulty in the United States. And, in any case, many foreign leaders harbor respect for the values that the U.S. espouses and the global order that it has helped maintain for seven decades.

US President Donald Trump has backtracked on his plans to create a cyber-security alliance with Russia, after the proposal was met with severe condemnation by several Republican senators. Trump confirmed Sunday that he did raise the issue with Putin but was prepared to accept the Russian president's denial of responsibility for the hacks.

"We negotiated a ceasefire in parts of Syria which will save lives".

"They claimed this meeting had nothing to do with the campaign, and yet the Trump campaign manager is invited to come to the meeting and there's no reason for this Russian government advocate to be meeting with Paul Manafort or Mr. Kushner or the President's son if it wasn't about the campaign and Russia policy", he said. Australian journalist Chris Ullman, in commentary broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, said Trump had managed to "isolate his nation, confuse and alienate his allies and to diminish America".

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