Amazon Prime Day 2017: Here's how to get the best deals

How to find the best deals on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2017: Here's how to get the best deals

You will have to be quick to order since the deals will be available only for a few more hours.

AND, yes there's more, you can also nab a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.

Prime was built on the foundation of unlimited fast, free shipping where members receive unlimited free two-day, one-day and same day shipping on over 50 million items in more than 5,000 cities and towns, and two-hour delivery with Prime Now across 30 major cities.

The Sony PS4 Slim 500GB Uncharted 4 Bundle is on sale for $229. Ask "Alexa, what are your Prime Day deals?". However, you will have to be an Amazon Prime Member to claim any of these. But not every deal is great - and in fact the vast majority of the stuff that's discounted on Prime Day is a deal of the worst kind - the kind that isn't much of a deal at all.

After Amazon original series Transparent won five Emmys in 2015, Amazon offered a one-day 32 percent sale on Prime membership - $67 for a yearly membership.

The Amazon app: The best way to monitor upcoming deals may be by downloading the Amazon app.

It is a paid service that includes $99 per year, plus a free 30-day trial or $10.99 per month, and provides a few definite advantages to Amazon shoppers.

Besides the cost of the membership, there is another reason why Amazon wants more Prime members. Not that they aren't good products, because in some cases, they are.

If you're unfamiliar with Amazon's Prime service, it's a premium subscription offering great benefits across Amazon's products.

Yet other experts warn that signing up for Prime might lead to higher spending on Amazon, where products might not always be the lowest price. You get what you pay for, even on Prime Day. However, there are countless others available on Amazon, so check out their website for the full sale!

How do I become a Prime member?

Is what you want already sold out?

Let us know if you win.

Add items to your list - Add items that you're interested in buying to your List and compare the deals.

Reduced from £170 to £89 - that's a discount of 48%! - this is a hot sale ticket that's definitely going to fly off the shelves, so make sure you don't miss out! This offer will go live at 7AM tomorrow and you can check it out here.

Though not as widely popular as Amazon Echo, the device that started the smart speaker trend, Google Home is gaining traction as the speaker with the "bigger brain", due to its integration with Google's search engine.

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