The Bachelorette week 6: and then there were four

TV Review How Rachel Lindsay is reinventing ‘The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette week 6: and then there were four

I wonder which four dudes will receive the roses tonight: the four guys she has major chemistry with or these two jokers whose most memorable traits are the way they dressed up on the very first night?

When Dean Unglert gets to have some solo time with Lindsay, he struggles with opening up about his family life and continues to joke instead of getting serious. After cruising around in a Bentley and stopping to buy a luxurious watch, Rachel and Bryan made out in every scenic location Geneva had to offer.

After a day of walking through Geneva, Switzerland, Rachel felt like she was getting nowhere with Dean.

The Wisconsin business owner said he'd never dated a black woman before Rachel - but that didn't seem to bother her. But on her latest blog for People magazine, Rachel is pinpointing the exact moment she knew she was falling in love. Meanwhile, Bryan and Rachel bond over the fact that they both went to private schools, but Bryan has to make it creepy by asking if she wore a uniform because, "I want to picture you in your uniform, your little schoolgirl outfit".

She then gave him the date rose, and they happily watched the live band play for them.

So no more group dates, or sharing a close living space with other guys. On his blog for Yahoo TV, "Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison revealed that the supersized date was the very first three-on-one date in the franchise's history. The promo showed Peter telling Rachel that he is considering leaving, followed by her crying, followed by Peter saying, "She's got tears streaming down her face. and I blame myself for that". Have we ever heard them speak? "You're welcome. I got you." she assures her boyfriend, tapping the small fortune attached to his wrist. When she starts to ask him about his feelings, he asks her if she believes in the tooth fairy and what kind of dinosaur she likes? Maybe his young age of 25 is starting to show through... "He's just not a person that has any bearing on my emotional experience, I guess you could say", Dean shared of his dad.

This week, we pick back up with Rachel having narrowed the field down to six guys.

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Dean admitted he didn't come from a traditional family and she pressed him about why he feared her visiting his hometown of Aspen, Colorado. After hearing all that, Rachel gives him a gold star and a rose for acting like a grown-up. But considering he's leading the pack heading into hometown dates - thanks to Rachel, who cemented his place at the top of our board when she said, "Peter's hometown could become my hometown" - that possibility of him popping the question is looking more and more likely. Rachel loves that he finally told her this and she is fine with it and gives him the rose. He told her how bad his last breakup was and how he felt terrible abandoning her and making her cry and hurt.

Matt started the day by pouring his heart out to Rachel, who immediately started to cry.

"Unfortunately, in this process, other relationships have moved past it", she said.

When she sat down with Adam and Eric, she told them that "in this setting, I have to be a little bit selfish" - and she is totally right.

The final 1 on 1 date goes to Peter and again, leaves Matt and Adam with no 1 on 1 dates. After years of seeing very similar families on these shows, I didn't expect to see that, but Rachel's season has already been unique in so many important ways. Good going Dean. He told her that he wished she could meet his family before his mother died.

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