Silverstone's future looking bleak ahead of race weekend — British Grand Prix

With Liberty Media keen to improve the fan experience of Formula 1, a live demonstration event, "F1 Live", is taking place on the streets of London on Wednesday with most of the teams and drivers taking part.

The British Racing Drivers Club said it was no longer financially viable to host the race under the current contract and triggered the clause in the hope of brokering a more financially-viable contract.

The BRDC says in 2015 it lost STG2.8 million ($A4.7 million) and STG4.8 million ($A8.1 million) in 2016.

Unless a new contractual arrangement can be reached with Liberty, 2019 will be the last year that the British Grand Prix takes place at Silverstone - the only viable venue for a British GP.

The future of the Grand Prix of England in Silverstone is threatened after the owners of the legendary circuit are availing themselves of the option to withdraw from the agreement with the Formula 1. It became the permanent host of the race in 1987. "I think they should buy it and, much like the NFL". Maybe not enough. But hopefully when I'm on the podium and I carry the flag, hopefully people will start to see my patriotism. We have to stop losing money", he added."We can no longer let our passion for the sport rule our heads. He accompanied the post with "This is holiday" and the offendingly twee emoji.

Liberty Media has told Silverstone that there would be no room for renegotiating terms, imposed in 2009 under the uncompromising leadership of Bernie Ecclestone.

Hamilton currently trails Sebastian Vettel, who is set to be present in London, by 20 points.

There have been reports that Formula 1 bosses might now consider a race through the streets of London, possibly the Docklands area, starting and finishing at Tower Bridge.

Using Opta data, here is a look at some of the best stats and facts ahead of the British GP.

"Silverstone is a wonderful track", said Horner, the first team boss to speak out on Silverstone's retreat. Willing and wilful, his character is compelling and complex, so it may be little wonder he still feels the need to prove himself to the British public.

"Even when we don't have the perfect weekend, we can be well inside the top ten picking up important points." . They listen. They will be quick to tell you if they disagree and they didn't disagree with the logic, but I wouldn't want to put words in their mouth that mean they are going out and buying it. I have no idea. That means that after paying £11.5m in 2010, it will cost Silverstone £17m to stage this year's race - and that 'hosting fee' will rise to £25m by 2026. "But the bigger that gap gets, the more pressure builds".

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