Indians are among the world's laziest, just take 4297 steps a day!

EnlargeRajarshi MITRA- flickr

EnlargeRajarshi MITRA- flickr

The latest project to emerge from the initiative is a huge new study that was tracking physical activity of people from over 100 countries via anonymized smartphone data. Residents of Hong Kong who walk an average of 6,880 steps each day (around three-and-a-half miles or 6 kilometers) are the most active, according to the data. The least lazy are Chinese, especially those residing in Hong Kong where people walked 6,880 steps a day.

But the findings also uncovered intriguing details that could help tackle obesity. The study tracked the walking activity of more than 700,000 people using cellphone data, USA Today reports.

How did some other counties do?

A worldwide study has found that countries with large differences in walking rates in their citizens have higher obesity levels than those who do not see such a vast spread. He explained the relationship between "activity inequality" which is the different between the fittest and laziest of a country.

Results from a large scale global study based on activity levels show that obesity spikes in countries where people walk a lot or very little.

"Just like income inequality measures the gap between rich and poor in terms of their income, activity inequality measures the gap between "activity rich" and "activity poor" in terms of their average physical activity levels", said Althoff. Prevalence of obesity increased faster for females than males as population-wide activity decreased.

Has wearable tech had its day? Another interesting finding is that in such countries, with a high inequality, the inequality is largely driven by differences between men and women.

When analyzing data from the United States, there was a clear correlation between the walkability score of a city and the levels of activity inequality.

Ireland isn't the laziest, but we're not quite the most active either and we came in at 34 on the list with an activity inequality of 28.5.

Earlier this year, a Canadian study found that those who lead a sedentary life seemed to have the same risk of developing dementia as those who carry the gene mutation making them disposed to the degenerative disease.

For example, they rated 69 United States cities for how easy they were to get about on foot. Pedestrian friendly cities like NY have more active population.

Whereas you really need a vehicle to get around "low walkability" cities including Houston and Memphis. So if you want people to lose weight, make it easier for them to walk the city.

The researchers didn't find a connection between average activity levels and obesity.

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