Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive

Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive

Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive

What it does is offer you Google Drive's storage and allow you to save files which already exist on your computer's hard drive. According to Google. the Backup and Sync feature is meant for Gmail users and a more profound Drive File Stream for business oriented users is coming soon later this year. The company has, time and again, provided users with innovative solutions for various problems.This new tool from Google comes with a very simple and easy to use UI. With all the apps and data on an electronic device depending on the backup taken, Google is now offering a service where we can back up our entire computer. It is now ready to download, and with it users can backup and sync just about anything on their storage devices, including photos and videos residing on cameras, files on USB drives, and so forth.

To use Backup and Sync, simply install the Backup and Sync client on your computer, then select which folders in your computer you'd like to back up.

Google has officially rolled out the Google Photos and Google Drive app for both Windows and Mac OS.

The user may want to make other changes like Drive to handle file deletions or changing the download or upload rates.

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After a brief delay last month, Google's Backup and Sync desktop app for Mac is now available for download.

Otherwise, Google Drive gives you 15GB free space, or you can get 100GB for US$1.99 pre month, 1TB for US$9.99 per month, or 10TB for US$99.99 per month. The company wants to make the experience swifter and to allow users to have access to the same things as before, but in only one place.

Google users can upgrade their Drive capacity by paying for more cloud-based storage. Regular Google users can store up to 15 GB of data on their various services - Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, etc. - for free.

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