Ryan Says Procedural Issue Holding Up Russia Sanctions Bill

Trump and Macron took questions from reporters in Paris amid a swirl of controversy over his oldest son's meeting with a Russian lawyer

Trump and Macron took questions from reporters in Paris amid a swirl of controversy over his oldest son's meeting with a Russian lawyer

Representative Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on one of the committees investigating Russian election meddling, said he questions whether House Republican leaders will bring up the bill for a vote, or weaken it. Donald Trump Jr.'s make an even stronger case to adopt the measure, he said.

His slap at the opposing party echoed an attack that his legislative affairs director, Marc Short, had made on Democrats at an off-camera press briefing.

But House Democrats refusal to back the legislation as it stands is giving Republicans an opportunity to charge they are the ones blocking the bill over what they dismiss as a technicality. Schumer's office's retorted that Trump and his staff "ought to look in a mirror" for the responsible party. Hoyer said he revisited the idea during a conversation with Speaker Paul Ryan on the floor Tuesday night and told Ryan that Democrats would be introducing their own version of the Senate bill this week.

'There is the process that the Republicans control the committees. "If this nonsense meeting is all they have after a yr, I understand the desperation!" "But it's the American people who are being hurt", Short said at a White House briefing.

Whitehouse's statement comes just days after a bombshell New York Times report revealing that Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer in June 2016 in hopes of gaining oppositional research on then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Lee Zeldin of NY called the meeting "a big no-no", while reaffirming his loyalty to the president. At least seven nominees for Cabinet or senior-level positions have withdrawn, including a nominee for labor secretary and two nominees for Army secretary.

But Ryan said he wanted to transfer the draft law to the revised Senate proposal and said the Democrats in the Congress were responsible for the delay.

According to a GOP source who attended the weekly House Republican conference meeting, no one raised the issue of Trump Jr.'s emails or details about the meeting at Trump Tower with the Russian Federation representatives.

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The White House pointed a finger Monday at Senate Democrats for "needless obstructionism" in failing to confirm an historically high percentage of Trump nominations.

"There has been some assertion that we are holding up the bill", the Maryland Democrat told reporters.

While the new bill is identical to what the Senate passed, it will be labeled as House legislation to avoid a procedural issue that prompted House Republican leaders to send the measure back to the Senate. Chuck Schumer for "running an unprecedented campaign of obstruction aginst the President's nominees for high-ranking posistions in government". Republican leaders said that certain revenue-related provisions in the bill meant that it had to originate in the House. He had to abruptly cancel a vote last month on a bill he drafted largely in secret after it became clear support was lacking.

It's completely understandable for Republicans to point out the gaffes or downright lies of Democrats, including, "You didn't build that" and, "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor".

And on the federal bench, former U.S. District Court Judge Mary Lisi's seat remains vacant after the Republican-led Senate declined to act on President Obama's 2015 nomination of Public Defender Mary McElroy to fill the seat.

On Tuesday, Trump, Jr., in what seemed to be a masochistic attempt at transparency, tweeted out screenshots of emails that show Trump, Jr. and other campaign officials believed the information they would be provided would come directly from the Russian government.

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