Special Edition KFC Phone Released In China

Special Edition KFC Phone Released In China

Special Edition KFC Phone Released In China

We're not quite sure how much you'd have to like KFC to get this phone, but there's no better way to wear your fried chicken on your sleeve.

The American fast-food company has partnered with Huawei, a Chinese electronics giant, which will also be marking its 30th anniversary in China.

Everybody loves KFC (well nearly everybody).

An application, called K-Music is also pre-installed and it's really cool because it allows users to choose the song they want to listen in any of China's 4.000 KFC restaurants. The first collection of quality chicken goods from KFC Ltd. are available for purchase online starting here. The smartphone is priced at Yuan 1099 which is the same price as of existing Huawei Enjoy 7.

"# Kentucky China 30 years from 1987 to 2017, 30 years accompanied by the taste of the times, suck refers to the aftertaste!" Yes, coincidently, US-based KFC and China-based Huawei was founded or established in the same year - 1987. The evidence? A brand new smartphone with Colonel Sanders' face on it, poised to be offered in China. The music app lets you create playlists and share them in the restaurant.

No firm details regarding the hardware specifications of the upcoming handset have yet been given, though its internals are likely identical to those of the original Enjoy 7 that launched earlier this month. One would think having such a thin layer of chicken-transferred oil on your fingertips would interfere with the scanning function, so perhaps KFC's "finger-licking good" claim should also be considered part of the proper operating protocol.

The phone itself is decent if unremarkable, at least on paper. The three decades of KFC brings this limited edition of the recently launched phone in the market. But it remains uncertain if KFC and Huawei will be adding more on the production units once the variant is a smash hit.

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