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Mr. Parker Goes to Washington Spidey scales the Washington Monument in Spider-Man Homecoming

Mr. Parker Goes to Washington Spidey scales the Washington Monument in Spider-Man Homecoming. Columbia

There's something missing from superhero movies. Then because he is also the youngest hero of the MCU.

"They're both fun. I think actors tend to be drawn toward villainous characters", Keaton. Are you glad she knows that Peter is Spider-Man, or do you wish it had stayed a secret?

The long-running, serial delivery of comic books means that there's been plenty of time over the decades for slowing down.

The problem there is it's essentially undoing nine years of built-up continuity to prove a cool fan theory, something that doesn't really benefit the film at hand or the wider shared universe. Some of these names may have you scratching your head, but when you see these characters on screen you will know you've seen them before. You get entire award-winning series about what Hawkeye does when he's not hanging out with the Avengers.

There aren't any shots of Spider-man swinging his way around Manhattan-Peter stays close to home in Queens, occasionally heading out to the suburbs where he learns webslinging is a strictly urban pastime. The most intriguing character is Zendaya's Michelle who steals each scene she's in and her relationship with Peter offers something different to the franchise. It was like Captain America just showed up and had to do this stuff for the government...

Over the weekend, Spider-Man: Homecoming became Sony's second-largest opening ever, pulling in an impressive $US117 million ($153.2 million) and being on track to ultimately make $US300 million ($392.9 million) at the domestic box office alone.

But Captain America (Chris Evans) also has indirectly become a mentor to Peter Parker and his schoolmates. And that doesn't make him unusual.

This movie is a refreshing break from other Marvel films. "It was never a big, 'Oh my God, it's a big reveal!' There are big reveals in the movie". Its history is only just beginning. Instead of collectible spider items and skyscraper viewpoints, the game's focus could be story and the character development we see in the movie, maybe a similar style to that of Telltale's games.

It's so refreshing to see a reboot without an origin story.

After two franchises, five movies, and fifteen years on his own, Spider-Man has finally come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe courtesy of Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. Sure, the life of a teenager is less exciting than that of superheroes! It doesn't have to make up a bunch of original superhero-related incidents for Vulture to pilfer technology from. His teenage naivety toes the edge of inexcusable stupidity, but his sense of humor and strong morals make his recklessness forgivable. I do wish someone had said "With great power comes great responsibility" just one time because that's an important thematic shorthand that just gets run over here, but if I have to trade that for 40 minutes of not killing Uncle Ben I'll take it. The film has received rave reviews, with review aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes, giving the movie a 93% rating based on 222 reviews. I really felt Iron Man would overshadow Spiderman, but we get only minor doses of him here. "I have no idea how we're gonna deal with it, but we'll figure that out later".

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