Britain must leave European Union nuclear body: Verhofstadt

European Union citizens could be deported from Britain in a "no deal" scenario, according to the small print of the Government's Brexit repeal bill.

"The bill will convert existing European Union law into United Kingdom domestic law, maintaining the same standards, same rules, same regulations, same measures and the same obligations on the day after exit as the day before". Remainers, meanwhile, are using this as yet another obstacle to Brexit. "If you found the Article 50 bill hard, you should be under no illusion, this will be hell", said Tim Farron, the outgoing Liberal Democrat leader.

The Frenchman was also due to meet Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones for private talks.

And that's before we even get onto Northern Ireland, whose devolved assembly is so divided it still does not have a leader.

They said "securing agreement (on ongoing co-operation) is the best way of ensuring that patients across Europe and the United Kingdom are able to continue to access safe and effective medicines and to ensure that there is no adverse impact on public health".

In discussions lasting more than two hours at the European Commission's headquarters in Brussels, Mr Corbyn told Michel Barnier that Labour respected the result of last year's referendum. But, emboldened by a surge in public support for his leftist agenda he has set out his own parallel plan for Brexit, hoping that May's government will fall.

The Scottish Government has also said it will block the bill, which has to have legislative consent granted by Scotland and Wales as it covers areas that are devolved. However it would be politically costly if Theresa May were to ignore their opposition, especially given her recent insistence on underlining the party's title as the Conservative and Unionist party, and concessions given to the DUP after the recent General Election.

He has demanded concessions in six areas, including incorporating the charter into United Kingdom law, ensuring workers' rights in the United Kingdom do not fall behind those in the European Union, and limiting the scope of so-called "Henry VIII powers", which could allow the Government to alter legislation without full parliamentary scrutiny.

First it was downgraded to the Repeal Bill, on the advice of the parliamentary authorities; then it was published, on Thursday, as the plain old European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

"I'll be working with fellow MPs to table amendments to the Repeal Bill, specifically in order to force the Government to ensure that environmental laws are properly enforced as we go through the Brexit process". "If these bilateral agreements are not negotiated by October 2018 then the chances of being rectified by March 2019 are very slim, which means there's a distinct possibility that there could be no flights in and out the United Kingdom for a period of time. days, weeks, months, we don't know".

To achieve the government's aim of legal consistency, these laws will need to be amended to make them work properly.

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