Windows Phone is now dead, Microsoft halts support

Windows 10 password recovery option

Windows Phone is now dead, Microsoft halts support

The first release in this new updating schedule will take place this fall and will focus on a few different areas, including System Center Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, and Data Protection Manager.

Those interested in using this build of Windows Server 2016 with containers can find "matching Windows Server container images" at the Docker Hub, Sarkar added. Users with an AADP or MSA account can reset their password or PIN directly from the login screen. By the way, we have one on the way so we will be able to bring you the full Mixed Reality Experience once the Acer HMD is in our hands! It will also be incorporated into Xbox One.

For this release, Microsoft focused on the Windows Shell user interface components, in addition to a bevy of changes for Task Manager. Typically, Windows tries to throttle itself so as not to not monopolize your connection. Although the Windows 8 phone devices did get updates the Windows 10 hardly received any big updates. Now, you can manage that data.

"Microsoft is very active in mobility, just not active in phone devices".

Windows Phone was launched back in 2010, and within 3 years it was the third most-used mobile OS in the world, but it simply didn't have the legs to begin to compete with iOS and Android.

Windows phones, you remember those, right?

Windows 10 password recovery
Windows Phone is now dead, Microsoft halts support

The operating system will join other products such as, Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007, SoftGrid Application Virtualization 4.1 and Virtual PC 2007, among others.

Acrylic Material improvements. Insiders complained that the Acrylic Material translucency effects were too "noisy", so Microsoft toned that down in this build.

Microsoft has refined the design of the Task Manager's GPU section, which is hidden under the Performance tab. Whether it's for work, school or home, To-Do will help you increase your productivity and decrease your stress levels.

Microsoft has also added support for motion controllers over USB - wireless and Bluetooth support is coming soon too.

There is nothing to suggest that Windows 10 Mobile may be around for the long term.

Microsoft has said that it remains committed to supporting Windows 10 Mobile. While Microsoft pulls the plug on its support for Window 8.1 handsets, and arguably continues to put nails in the coffin of Windows 10 Mobile's development, mid-range phone maker Alcatel is set to take pre-orders for its latest Windows 10 Mobile flagship in the UK. There are also the usual bug fixes and performance improvements pushed out with the latest update.

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