Zendaya, Tom Holland joke about report they are dating

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Zendaya, Tom Holland joke about report they are dating

Perhaps fans want to believe in a Tom and Zendaya romance because the "Spider-Man" films have played cupid before, according to CNN.

The reason why most of us didn't have high hopes for it? "Sis, we know you". Although their version of Spider-Man did not continue to a trilogy, Andrew and Emma were a couple for a while after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wrapped up. "I just wrote pages of them 'cause I had Chris Evans for however amount of time, so I just feed him ..."

The man-who is very much a fully-grown man with a face full of gnarly scars-is none other than the 616 universe's Miles Morales.

Spider-Man has had plenty of success over the years on the big screen, but younger fans tend to forget that the webhead has had a longer, arguably richer history on television. We'll simply have to wait and see. News, the two reportedly started seeing each other while making the film.

Likewise, instead of relying on previous adaptations, which primarily maintained numerous same characters, "Homecoming" introduces some of the more obscure characters from the comics, many of whom previously did not appear in live action films. Don't blame us if your Spidey senses won't let you look away.

While Michael Keaton plays a reasonable enough bad guy, the truth is it could have been nearly any recognizable actor to take the role of Vulture. That being said, I think it's important that new films in the franchise be able to stand on their own and not feel like they are blurring too many lines.

While they might be starring together in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Zendaya and Tom Holland had the funniest response after a report suggested that they were dating.

Then there's the fact that the movie is clearly unburdened by any need to be another superhero origin story.

Apparently, starring in a Spiderman movie does something to you, because yet ANOTHER couple has come out of a Spidey movie. Peter, with his true-blue heart and naivete and eagerness to prove himself, of course takes on more than he can handle, while also trying to navigate high school, homework, crushes and the awkwardness of just being a teenager.

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