Amazon is reportedly working on a standalone messaging app called Anytime

Is Amazon working on a new messaging app called Anytime?, Inc. (AMZN) Testing A Messaging App Called Anytime

According to AFTV News, the e-commerce giant has begun testing the water with customers through surveys asking whether they would be interested in its new product, Anytime. It will allow people to do a world of activities with just their username as identity.

Amazon is also reportedly redesigning its Echo speaker to take on Apple's forthcoming HomePod. If you have them as a friend on one of the apps you've connected, it'll ping them via that app, keeping everything in one place while allowing you to communicate across platforms.

But there is one new example of users willing to abandon a service for a better choice, and that's with Snapchat users switching to Instagram. This means it should come packing most features found in now available apps along with its own unique take on how users should send messages over the web.

Anytime by Amazon certainly sounds very enticing and some of the features sound too good to be true. Earlier, the experts were of the view that Google Allo and Duo messaging apps would gain a lot of success. Earlier this year, it announced Chime, a video conferencing app for its business-minded users, created to rival with existing services such as Skype for Business or WebEx.

It will also offer some other popular-as-of-late messaging features including GIFs, stickers, emojis, filters for your photos and videos, and games.

The users will apparently be able to connect with their friends by simply searching them for their names and without the need of phone numbers. "Important messages (like bank account details)" can be encrypted. CNBC reached out to Amazon for comment but a spokesperson was not immediately available. The carousel of ephemeral selfies and photos from the past 24-hours has become a staple of messaging apps over the past year so it's likely Anytime will come with its own interpretation.

It appears that while Amazon hopes to compete with WhatsApp on the messaging front, both companies are now struggling in some key areas.

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