North Korea dismisses South's peace proposal

Japan says time for pressure not dialogue with

Japan says time for pressure not dialogue with

If North Korea accepts the proposal, a bilateral meeting could be held 19 months after the last vice-ministerial level meeting in 2015 between the two governments.

European Union member states agreed Monday to consider imposing new sanctions on North Korea after it tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. Ten days later, the first U.S. troops arrived on Korean soil, where they stayed and aided South Korea for three years. After successfully launching its first ICBM on July 4, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held a nationwide ceremony to celebrate it. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, North Korea attempted to reach out to the United States, but President Carter flat out denied the olive branch.

U.S. and United Nations sanctions have failed to deter North Korea from pursuing its nuclear and missile programs, and on Friday it justified its ICBM test as an exercise of its legitimate right to self-defence. Without the hotline, the two militaries have no means of communicating quickly and directly to avoid an unintended conflict.

In his Berlin Vision, Moon proposed marking the 64th anniversary of the armistice agreement on July 27 by having South and North Korea "halt all hostile activities that raise military tensions" at the MDL. The dialogue was suspended by increased cross-border tension following the North's missile and nuclear activities.

"The U.S. conventional and nuclear forces, as well as South Korea and Japan's forces, greatly outstrip North Korea in terms of technology", Hanham asserted.

On the separate offer to hold family reunions, the Korean Red Cross asked the North to hold relevant talks on August 1 at the Peace House, a South Korea-controlled building in the truce village, known as the equivalent to North Korea's Tongilgak.

"The elephant in the room is going to continue to be North Korea", Petraeus, 64, said in an interview Monday in Boston.

Father Timothy Lee Eun-hyeong, secretary of the bishops' committee, said, "President Moon's direction is the same as ours".

About 60,000 South Koreans are still hoping for a chance to see spouses, siblings, and parents across the border before they die. These systems are being upgraded to make them faster, with more range and greater accuracy.

I'd like to know if it was clear to the respondents that they are being asked about North Korea, under the despot Kim Jong-un and not South Korea, the scene of romantic telenovelas that many Filipinos avidly follow.

The Kim Jong-un regime in North Korea is reportedly sending thousands of poor citizens to Russian Federation in exchange for hard currency.

The official said that South Korea is taking an approach of "strategic patience" in pursuing the compete dismantlement of the North's nuclear program and establishment of a peace regime.

North Korea has long demanded suspension of the allies' annual military drills and USA deployment of strategic assets as a precondition for inter-Korean dialogue.

Moon is far from the first South Korean leader to seek dialogue with North Korea.

But there is the complication of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, known as Thaad, that the Pentagon has deployed in South Korea against North Korea which China thinks could also be directed towards them. The US could agree to limit or completely suspend its military presence in South Korea, but this would not be a desirable move as the US wants to remain powerful in the region.

The Justice Ministry of South Korea said Ahn had been denied entry because there were sufficient grounds to fear that she might "hurt the national interests and public safety" of South Korea.

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