Reopen old cases against PM Nawaz Sharif: Panama panel

AML chief Sheikh Rashid outside the court on Thursday

AML chief Sheikh Rashid outside the court on Thursday

Khan has been a vocal critic of Sharif and has been campaigning against the latter for years.

Last year, the Panama Papers revealed that three of Prime Minister Sharif's children owned offshore companies and assets not shown on his family's wealth statement.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan on Monday said the Supreme Court bench was not bound to follow or implement the JIT report. Pakistan Supreme Court then ordered a group of investigators to look into the matter.

Pakistan's rowdy social media was particularly galvanized by the findings against Sharif's daughter, Maryam, who is reportedly being groomed to take over Pakistan's largest political party. Maryam provided were dated February 2006 and prepared with Calibri font, while the font itself was not commercially available to general public until January 2007. "There is a face behind every case and the face is of the prime minister in this case", he remarked.

The JIT, probing the Panama Papers, pointed out failure on the part of the Sharifs to produce the required information that would confirm their "known sources of income", saying that prima facie, it amounted to saying that they were not able to reconcile their assets with their means of income. Many are also confused over some aspects of the JIT report, which calls for some cases closed years ago to be re-opened. She demanded that the volume ten of the JIT report should be made public.

Khan presided over a meeting of senior party members at his Banigala residence, which held consultation over today's hearing of the Panama Leaks case in the Supreme Court.

The six-member JIT was set up in May by the Supreme Court with the mandate to probe the Sharif family for allegedly failing to provide the trail of money used to buy properties in London in 1990s.

He warned that the government might try to attack the apex court and army, because these were the only two state institutions have had not been hijacked by the PML-N through the appointment of their "own people" to key posts. The main objections raised by Sharif 's lawyers against the JIT were that it had misused its authority, that its chief investigator Wajid Zia had hired services of a legal firm owned by his cousin, and that documents were acquired from overseas through illegal means. When the so-called Panama Papers were leaked past year, the prime minister said he would step down if the charges were proved.

Dar has been a big supporter of a strong rupee and since taking office in 2013, the ruling PML-n party has tried to keep the rupee stable. Sharif, son of an industrialist serving his third term in power, has had a fractious relationship with the army.

The submission also talks about the fact that the report is nullified since the JIT had been given 60 days for completing their investigation and ended up availing "an extra 6 days on this account".

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