Transgender Texan posts photo with Abbott to decry bill

Transgender Texan posts photo with Abbott to decry bill

Transgender Texan posts photo with Abbott to decry bill

From their perspective, the recently-concluded legislative session was already a disaster. He wants to work with them.

She later identified herself in the photo as "trans-woman" and posted it on Facebook with #BATHROOM BUDDY. Abbott still wants legislation passed this summer to roll back local tree ordinances.

Political professionals often dismiss celebrity candidates but Democratic leaders, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren have warned their party against underestimating "star" candidates in the wake of President Donald Trump's election.

Not on the agenda?

Thomas McNutt, whose family owns the Collins Street Bakery, known for fruitcakes that it ships to customers around the globe, challenged another top Straus ally, Rep. Byron Cook, the chairman of the powerful House State Affairs Committee in 2016 - but lost by barely 200 votes.

Houston Matters host Craig Cohen talks it over with Nancy Beck Young, professor of history at the University of Houston, and Jon Taylor, political science professor at the University of St. Thomas.

These tactics were effective.

The Texas legislative special session begins July 18.

Of course, even if the attorney general's opinion reaffirms the constitutionality of tree preservation rules, that doesn't mean those rules are out of the woods.

In addition, a study from AngelouEconomics, commissioned by the Texas Association of Business, found that statewide losses could amount to $5.6 billion by 2026 if the bill passes. Of 150 members, 55 are Democrats.

The Texas Democrats also laid out their priorities for the session, calling it Real Solutions. "So some things would have to be given up, we would have to go in and see what's the priority for us and move the money". And Trump continues to become more unpopular, Cook says.

Going nuclear on the special-session agenda would kill, at least temporarily, the must-pass sunset legislation. "Why is that? It's to silence their voice here at the Capitol", said Gary Goodsey, Executive Director of the Association Texas Professional Educators. If House leadership decides to hold the legislation hostage to maintain a quorum, they should leave anyway.

On Monday, Governor Abbott announced he raised $10 million in 12 days last month, bringing his campaign's cash on hand to nearly $41 million. Could these recent appointments to the Trump administration help, or hurt, Texans? "We have to be careful to protect the Texas miracle".

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