Full Windows 10 on phones not gonna happen, insists Microsoft

As you may recall, an enthusiast blog reported that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update would be called the Autumn Creators Update in the UK.

We continue to suggest that Microsoft switch either to abstract names that avoid the localisation issues that semantically meaningful names cause or, better still, the numerical version numbers that Windows itself actually uses and displays internally. In fact you may be shocked at just how low they are. These were essentially the two most prominent selling points of Redmond's strategic shift to the new Windows as a Service (WaaS) model. Premium devices, premium experiences are the watchwords. Windows 7 usage should have dropped as Windows 10 increased as presumably people migrated over. Google lets SoC makers and OEMs do just as much work as them to integrate the software with the hardware. It is locked down so it can only run Windows Store apps, in the name of security and performance. Whether that means we get to finally see ARM-based Windows 10, not Windows 10 Mobile, devices in the near future still depends on one crucial factor: SoC support.

Microsoft failed to make the store an enticing showcase of must-have software and that was a mistake.

Although these devices will be left behind when it comes to the latest features in Windows 10, Microsoft has pledged to keep them up-to-date with security patches. That sucks, but that's life.

You could also reduce the time spent fussing with non-gaming concerns by getting your hands on one of the best SSDs around... Microsoft has officially gone ahead to say that Intel Atom PCs will not be able to get future Windows 10 updates anymore.

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Microsoft hardware is great, but it's a tiny proportion of the market. We are talking about devices that are three to five years old, not something ancient. Embedded video in the upper-right corner of some configuration screens helps guide users through complex features and choices.

Windows 10 machines powered by Intel Atom Clover Trail processors will no longer receive the latest features, Microsoft has confirmed.

To make those exchanges possible, Graph acts as the connective tissue between Windows 10, Azure services in the cloud, and various cross-platform devices and experiences. Is that why Microsoft is working on its own device with the new Windows 10 Mobile OS? Again, we're calling it Surface Phone because there's no verifiable source that tells us anything different.

So not the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update then? Microsoft told Inspire show attendees that 10 S is well suited for experiences like mobile-computing work, frontline user work, plus embedded usage in kiosks and signs. Thank you, Joe Belfiore! Even so, do the figures surprise you?

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