CBO estimates 32 million more uninsured in a decade with Obamacare repeal

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Far from throwing in the towel, as some have reported, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is actually throwing a final Hail Mary pass in an effort to pass the Senate Republicans' Better Care Reconciliation Act.

In a head-spinning series of developments, rank-and-file Republican senators turned on McConnell and Trump for the third time in a row, denying the votes to move forward with a plan for a straight-up repeal of "Obamacare".

The Obamacare debacle has finally alerted Trump to the need to elect more Senate Republicans, but candidate recruitment continues to fall short.

Sandoval said the expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare was "a winner for the people of our state", and that he would oppose efforts to rein in the program. "This was our responsibility", said Sen.

More and more counties nationwide face the prospect this fall of having no insurers offering policies on the exchanges, Bera said, "so start there, where I think even Republicans understand we've got to have stabilization in the individual market". Dean Heller (R., Nev.), saying, "He wants to remain a senator, doesn't he?" The president pouts that he would prefer to let Obamacare fail - and, I suppose, to let people lose health-care coverage. Everything that is potentially damaging to the Trumps will come out, one way or another.

President Barack Obama still won re-election in 2012 after the Democrats were routed from control of the House in 2010. Senator Rand Paul, who has been the Better Care Act's stingiest objector, told Fox News the gathering "largely focused on going back to the insurance bailout bill, the one that's been talked about for the last couple weeks". Trump said, as he was seated next to holdout Sen.

"Does Trump blow up Obamacare on his own?"

"I have every expectation that we'll be able to get on the bill", he said. Repeal only?-Cornyn said that "remains unresolved".

Democrats are going to keep trying to protect the law; it's their signature domestic accomplishment of the past generation.

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But cooler heads prevailed hours later, with the White House announcing Wednesday's strategy lunch - all but daring the three recalcitrant senators to cross the president publicly.

An obsession with how things "look" - and not the substance of how things "are" or how things "work" - has been a hallmark of Trump's brief White House tenure, as it has his much longer waltz on the public stage as a businessman and celebrity.

'It's pretty obvious that we don't have 50 members who can agree on a replacement'. Mike Lee, R-Utah, in an attempt to revive the health care reform bill Senate Republican leaders abandoned the same day, a White House official and source familiar with the meeting told CNN. Making threats against them seems ... a bit toothless.

In the end, the math was impossible-and so were the politics. "This was the one we were worried about, you weren't there".

Journalist Jon Ralston is referring to a probably apocryphal conversation between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

It was one party working without the other that created Obamacare. "You never had that before".

"To cool it", Jefferson answered, "my throat is not made of brass". "We have no choice, we have to repeal and replace Obamacare", he said.

Donald Trump is a remarkably unorthodox politician. Also, insurance companies and drug corporations should not be given any more power or opportunities to price-gouge us.

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