Windows 10 Creators Update won't reach Intel Clover Trail Atom PCs — Confirmed

MS Paint was that one app on our computers that went from daily usage during our childhood years to that old friend we would rely on for our immediate graphic related work.

So, what does this mean for you? So, to think that Microsoft will once again pitch in with its traditional models in the highly competitive smartphone sector will be naive. Microsoft demoted the long-time Windows App earlier this year when it released 3D Paint in the Windows 10 Creators Update, which rolled out to users earlier this year.

I remember when Microsoft was forcing "upgrades" to Windows 10 down our throats. Titled 'Wireless Communications Device', the patent talks about a bendable smartphone with antenna, battery, SIM card holders and screen connectors split over a hinge to create a dual-winged device.

Other features that could be removed with the Windows 10 update include Outlook Express, the Microsoft Reader app and Reading List, a bookmarking service.

In the list is Paint which has been marked as "Deprecated", which according to Microsoft "might be removed" in future releases. The app is regarded by many critics of the Windows Store as unnecessary bloatware.

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There are loads more under the hood bits all of which is outlined here. But there's still no denying that the majority of people using Windows are still comfortable and more familiar with using MS Paint. Just add the flag "-Prerelease" to the cmdlet.

Meanwhile, it is not that the decision by Microsoft is surprising. It was available on the original Windows platform, dubbed Windows 1.0. Paint falls into the latter category.

Microsoft has not responded to a request for comment. This is a reality we have to accept going forward and it's not necessarily unique to Windows 10.

"It's where it all started, so you have to hold on to some nostalgia, but like all things nostalgic you also have to acknowledge it's time to move on", he said. If so, let us know in the comments.

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