President Donald Trump comes to Youngstown

US President Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters in an arena in Youngstown Ohio. Jonathan Ernst Reuters

US President Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters in an arena in Youngstown Ohio. Jonathan Ernst Reuters

Tuesday's trip to Youngstown, a staunchly working-class, union-heavy enclave that has long helped anchor Democrats in OH, served as a welcome distraction from Washington for a president who loves to relive his once-unlikely Election Day win.

When it comes to President Donald Trump, Missouri and IL might as well be on different planets.

Trump also praised law enforcement for being "rough" on illegal immigrants and not bowing to political correctness.

"Our guys are rougher than their guys", he bragged.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would be surprised if Iran is in compliance with a nuclear deal when recertification comes up again in three months, according to an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Janet Rodway, 52, a travel agent from Youngstown, said she came out in support of Trump and a love of America.

"You think that's easy?"

The swing states that helped hand Trump the presidency, meanwhile, didn't appear to be thrilled with the former reality TV star's performance.

Die-hard supporters stood on chairs and lapped up the hardline message, chanting "CNN sucks" and "drain the swamp".

The protester was located in the crowd behind Trump and holding a sign that read "Trump/Pence Must Go".

An anti-Donald Trump protester was forcibly removed from his seat by a police officer and the pro-Trump crowd at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Tuesday. That I can tell you.

"Boy, he's a young one", Trump said.

Shaw said the "resistant movement" against Trump was separate from the "fake" one led by Clinton and aimed at fighting racist, Islamophobic and other divisive policies.

Trump devoted part of his speech in Youngstown, Ohio, to Iran.

Straight off a slim but symbolic health care victory in Washington, President Donald Trump is headed to OH for a victory lap with the very voters who helped put him in office.

Speakers at the Democrat rally included OH party chairman Dave Pepper, Mahoning Valley Democratic Party chairman Dave Betras, state Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan of Youngstown, D-58th, city council members Anita Davis, Lauren McNally and Mike Ray, Democratic mayoral candidate Jamael "Tito" Brown and Youngstown Clerk of Courts Sarah Browne Clark.

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