Illinois suspends use of 12 rides after deadly Ohio accident

Illinois suspends use of 12 rides after deadly Ohio accident

Illinois suspends use of 12 rides after deadly Ohio accident

One of those injured is a 13-year-old child.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the ride's malfunction. All rides remain shut down following the fatal malfunction of the Fire Ball ride Wednesday, resulting in one man's death.

K-Days isn't the only event closing the ride as a safety precaution.

As rides are brought into a fair or festival location, each individual part and component of each individual ride is inspected for defects.

"Every day before they open up, they do test runs on our rides", he said.

"Inspection of rides takes place prior to the opening of the midway during ride setup". This piece snapped off and the riders came out of the cart.

"We do not rush inspections".

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Last year, the Ohio State fair welcomed 921,000 guests, which was just shy of the fair's all-time record. He also said the ride was inspected multiple times, including by a third party. "They've got a great program, a nationally recognized program". Barry Schaible, an inspector with a company hired by the fair, told KCRA-TV in Sacramento, "We shut down the ride immediately, unloaded it and it's closed right now".

"Here at Cuyahoga County, we follow strict procedures when it comes to safety to make sure the entire midway is safe for all families".

Governor John Kaisch said he will be at the fair tomorrow and walk around the fair.

The Fire Ball has become "one of the most popular thrill rides on the AOA Midway", according to the Amusements of America website.

Riders were sent hurling through the air from the spinning, swinging Fire Ball ride after a row of seats straight up crashed into a side barrier.

Trusting the rides is easier said than done for some visitors.

Vartorella's team is responsible for inspecting more than 4,000 rides and attractions like Fire Ball across the state.

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