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Raven Gates Alexis Waters Astrid Loch Danielle Lombard Jasmine Goode and Sarah Vendal Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

His excuses run from the show claiming he's "Beyoncé's boyfriend", to claiming that he just "texts everybody", and that Lexi was his "side chick". Cool, so we just texted your mom. She's pretty much the cutest young lady ever, and they both immediately start crying.

No feud was as memorable as that between white country boy Lee and black pro wrestler Kenny and they got into it again on the tell-all show moderated by host Chris Harrison.

And the kicker, since he was on a show to date a Black woman, he said that Black Lives Matter was a terrorist organization. The biggest screams tonight went to Dean (obviously), while Kenny, Josiah, Diggy, Whaboom, Fred, Jonathan, and Will all clearly got screams just for them. But before I tapped out, I remember writing about some of the racist comments made by one of the suitors, Lee Garrett.

Garrett said that he was there to learn and that despite his mistakes, he was thankful for the guys that reached out to him. What Peter's doing is looking back on the few dozen cumulative hours he's spent with Rachel and very rationally saying, "Oh boy, maybe we should take a breath before going and doing something this. impulsive". "Everybody's sorry when they get caught", Kenny said. He concedes that Kenny never pulled him out of the van and also admits that he should have taken the high road like Kenny had.

In addition to last night, Dean, eliminated just before the finale, confronted her about getting the boot right after she said she was falling in love with him.

Appropriately, next in the hot seat is Lee.

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Without inserting my personal feelings, I'll note that DeMario then defended Lee.

Anthony, the Vince Young lookalike who rode a horse that pooped in a store on Rodeo Drive before being sent home earlier this season, uses a bunch of big words to basically say that, whether Lee realizes it or not, his actions are motivated by deep-seeded racism. We don't necessarily think that Whaboom is a bad guy, but we do think that he was on this show mostly to play a silly reality TV character.

We are reminded about how odd Dean's hometown date was and that he was sent home right afterward. There's a clearing in the emotional thunderstorm cloud that follows Dean everywhere he goes. It's going to be SO.

However, Lindsay was not able to join them during the festivities. But the spotlight that the whole Lee situation put on it was definitely unfair to Rachel because it took away from her experience and Kenny's.

The discussion turns to Kenny's beef with Lee, and Kenny says that because he is committed to being a good role model for his daughter, he made a point of keeping his cool and not being aggressive toward Lee. The guys might have been ready to accept his "I'm sorries" about being a jerk or lying about Kenny's behavior.

On the Men Tell All special, Lindsay delivers these parting words to Garrett: "You had the opportunity to be about something so handsome - and I'm not just talking about me". Buh-bye now, Lee. Three men are left, Bryan the chiropractor, Eric the trainer, and Peter the gym owner. Drops mic in a pile of rose petals with Boyz II Men singing in the background.

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