Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus gain Google Daydream support

Advanced camera in the Samsung device will offer low light shooting. Meanwhile, the mid-range and low-end segments are pushing boundaries in their respective fields. Now, this report makes the cameras even more rich as it would feature some of the unexpectedly advance features which we have never seen before. We are having a look at a black and a gold color here.

Samsung is officially joining that list.

The display virtually fills the entirety of the S8's front panel, with just a slither of bezel banding the top and bottom edge.

According to the leak, the phone will also feature a 3x optical zoom, allowing users to capture faraway objects.

With the launch date of a highly anticipated flagship smartphone announced, leaks of the same start raining, unlike anything.

Also, brighter HDR images, background effect and Perspective View are some of the other amazing features involved in the camera. However, the best invention of VR device by so far was made at Google I/O 2017; called the Daydream VR: standalone headsets. It's incredibly polished - in fact we prefer this new style to Samsung's previous approach. Undisguised, unobscured and with two colour options, the image, below, shows the Note 8 from every angle. Just like how a car would suffer from the inevitable scratch and dent over time, a phone can't avoid the same ravages of time. While quite objectionable, market trends do seem to be pointing in that direction.

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Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on Aug. 23 during an "Unpacked" event in New York City.

Of course, compatibility is only half the battle here.

One tip here - when it comes to dark-coloured phones, you'll also have to be careful of one thing - chipping. This is Samsung Electronics' strategy to induce interests from consumers while minimizing lack of early supplies. Android Police earlier reported that the Google Daydream app on its T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8+ unit was unable to successfully run the VR service. It may take that function online too, so you could search, for instance, for types of wine based on a picture you take of a wine bottle label.

A silver-coloured device can suffer a chip and have the exposed aluminium blend in well.

Finally, if you head towards the bottom, that's where you'll see the bump for the S Pen on the Note 8 (bottom left) followed by the Type-C port and headphone jack. We'll have to wait and see. We only hope the Korean giant can surprise us by proving us wrong. As we've been reporting the past few weeks, Samsung isn't using an onscreen fingerprint sensor because the technology isn't ready yet. Now, Google's GoogleVR Twitter account has tweeted (obviously) that the update is actually being sent out to devices now.

When will the Samsung Note 8 go on sale? Doesn't incorporating Daydream undermine Samsung's VR ambitions? We've even shared some with our readers exclusively. It's a platform with a set of Visual Reality hardware standards for makers to follow.

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