How Lady Olenna Tyrell Won Game Of Thrones

Whatever the reason, it was a welcome return for a talented actor who hasn't gotten the chance to do much in recent episodes, except stand around and spout off his thoughts on military strategy with Dany and her allies. Warning: moderate spoilers ahead!

Life comes at you quick in Game Of Thrones season 7. Cersei gets her revenge on Elariya Sand's daughter and promises to pay all her debts to the Iron Banks. In the past, the show was mostly filled with separate character sagas, but this season has begun to connect the various narratives. Perhaps this interaction convinced Arya to change her path and to venture off to complete what she set out. Olenna then says that she didn't know how the poison would work until she saw it ravaging Joffrey, revealing to Jaime that it was her who poisoned Joffrey during his wedding to her granddaughter Margaery. Check out how fans of the show memorialized Lady Olenna, the Game of Thrones character who was petty right up until her final breath.

George R.R. Martin confirmed that Valonqar means younger sibling. Jaime, her twin brother and lover is also her younger sibling. This performance of vengeance is all for herself, and the only reason we use the word performance is because of the elaborate way she talks through how she's going to make Ellaria suffer rather than kill her outright. Fans have been waiting to see if the pair might get together either politically or romantically, or both! But he's still killing her, man. It seems Daenerys and Jon will form a powerful alliance, one that will not only take over the Seven Kingdoms but also likely defeat the White Walkers.

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Weiss added: "What I love about the way she plays the scene is that even though you leave the scene knowing she's soon going to be dead shortly after you cut to black you still feel like she won".

The revelation clearly shocked Jaime, although he remained as composed as possible.

Certainly, the women of Westeros have not been trained to fight on the front, but they are the true warriors in Game of Thrones.

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