IL re-permitting certain rides after OH accident

By	The Canadian Press

By The Canadian Press

The labor department has announced it will be re-inspecting all rides in carnivals or fairs that are managed by the company involved in the OH accident.

Power Surge is next to the Fire Ball ride, which remains cordoned off as the investigation continues.

The company was required to pay for an independent ride inspector and buy an insurance policy for "claims of injury, death, damage, loss, costs, including attorney fees, or any other loss arising or claimed to have arisen from Licensee's operations." the contract states.

Sunday, the State Agriculture Department said it re-inspected 71 rides and cleared them to reopen.

In Ontario, amusement park ride safety is overseen by Technical Safety and Standards Authority. According to Massie, if any issues are found, any affected rides are shut down until the issue is resolved and inspected. Inspections start soon after rides arrive.

Not all rides operating Monday earned a flawless score though.

"I'm here to ride all the rides-the ones that are open, at least", Dylan Bryant says.

Every ride comes with a factory-mandated inspection sheet, Alberts said.

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Seven people were also injured - several critically - and have been identified by authorities as Tamika Dunlap, 36; Russell Franks, 42; Keziah Lewis, 19; Jacob Andrews, 22; Jennifer Lambert, 18; and Abdihakim Hussein, 19. "We want to do more than the manufacturer requires".

Lewis said they have not filed the lawsuit yet but plan to do so soon.

"If there is any incident, someone got a cut or a scrape or something, we go up and check what it was, where it happened and how it happened to make sure that we get it addressed immediately", he said.

The inspection process isn't something new to the Wisconsin State Fair and the selection process for which rides are featured at the fair is split between multiple companies and owners.

"Any time a tragedy happens anywhere in the country it always causes our team to pause and to take a breath", said Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Melissa Houston. "It was the right thing to not bring the Freak Out to the fair", said Kathleen O Leary with the Wisconsin State Fair.

"This was a tragic accident", Alberts said.

About 350,000 visitors are expected at the Missouri State Fair from August 10-20 in Sedalia.

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