Experts warn of fake solar eclipse glasses

But if you think you can just wear your tinted spectacles to view're wrong.

You can get these eclipse glasses in multi-packs. The bad news is that there are many companies trying to pass off uncertified knockoffs as eclipse glasses. They're cheap and easy to find. If you look at the sun briefly there is a way they can heal themselves, but a long period of time can leave you blind. And when you're done watching, you're supposed to turn away from the sun and take them off.

The manufacturer name and address should also be printed on the glasses-be sure it's one of the five NASA recommends. Really. Turn your back to the sun, make a grid with your fingers and look at your hands shadow. Our area will be treated to a very deep partial eclipse, with about 92 percent of the sun being blocked by the moon at maximum.

Violet Mager, an assistant physics professor at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, will aim her solar telescope skyward on August 21 to catch a solar eclipse during a free event called the Solar Eclipse Experience.

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The ISO said it has consulted with the forecasting team that helped grid operators in Europe prepare for a 2015 eclipse, which especially affected Germany's 40 GW of installed solar capacity. Looking at the Sun Without Properly Certified Safety Equipment can BLIND YOU! This will be followed by a viewing opportunity from the football field as the eclipse reaches its peak, which will see the moon cover 98 percent of the sun. Nashville, Tenn., is the largest city to lie entirely within the path of totality. If you've ever taken a moment to enjoy those extraordinary sights, then you want to be here, in Jackson, on August 21.

The Houston Public Library on East Cedar hosting a viewing party, complete with 200 pairs of official eclipse viewing glasses. Did I mention you need to take the day off?

Many other area school systems are also planning to delay the end of the school day August 21 so students and employees can watch the progress of the eclipse. About 12 million people live inside the path, and millions more will travel from all over the world to catch this rare spectacle. You'll be participating in something that is truly unique in this solar system. I keep running across things on social media and television (even from meteorologists, professors and scientists) saying that we're still going to see 80% or 90% of the eclipse from our locale here, so you don't have to go anywhere. And then there's that diamond ring and finally the solar corona.

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