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President Donald Trump's decision to appoint Republicans to his Cabinet ended up killing chances of repealing and replacing Obamacare, Axios is reporting. They were mainly people who were not poor enough to get subsidised insurance offered to the elderly and those with the lowest incomes, but who did not earn enough to pay the expensive premiums demanded by insurance companies.

Last week, as Democratic leaders rolled out a repackaged economic agenda, we invited readers to send us their opinions about what the Democratic Party stands for.

Salt Lake County Councilwoman Jenny Wilson, a Democrat running for Hatch's seat, said in saying the Senate is divided on health care, Hatch is admitting that "bipartisanship is too much of a burden for him". Democrats would be happy with just stable markets, but Republicans need to show that they've changed the ACA in a substantive way. And, of course, the American Health Care Act push earlier this year that, so far, hasn't become law.

Similarly, in CBS's poll, which surveyed 2,334 U.S. adults, 44 percent of Republicans said they were "angry" at the GOP's inability to repeal Obamacare, while 26 percent of Americans, including one-third of Republicans, expressed a willingness to move on to other pressing issues. "Please take the appropriate amount from my paycheck each month".

Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican and majority leader, took this as a sign there would be no bipartisan agreement in the offing. And that's with federal subsidies. "If Hatch doesn't have the willpower or the ability to work across the aisle, Utahns deserve someone who will".

He wants Republicans to stick to their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

As for Alexander, he's urged the president to move away from "letting Obamacare implode", advising Trump to take the action necessary to make fixes to Obamacare for now.

The cynicism of the GOP is palpable. A 50-50 tie would have been broken by Vice President Mike Pence, and he surely would have voted to repeal. People of North Korea have been for years suffering under his leadership. I suspect that the point of the reader who emailed was that a lot of time had been burned on a fruitless enterprise - and one that, until Jan. 20 of this year, was obviously fruitless, given the president. First and foremost, the political games must come to an end. The senator said he saw no real desire on the part of Democrats to work together on the healthcare issue "and I have to say some Republicans are at fault there, too".

With one "no" vote he stopped a likely self-inflicted wound not only on the nation, but also on the Republican Party.

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