This 'Game Of Thrones' Death Theory Has Fans Terrified

So the meeting is uneasy, as the two discuss their fathers, their claims, and their respective wars going on. And surprise-surprise - they didn't exactly hit it off. Dany demanded Jon declare House Stark's allegiance to her Targaryen claim for the Iron Throne while Jon begged for her assistance to help him fight the Army of the Dead - something she doesn't believe even exists.

The most awaited show Game Of Thrones Season 7 on World television HBO has come up with a brand new episode 3 on Sunday. Jaime says nothing, but Olenna asks for him to tell Cersei, explaining that she wants Cersei to know that it was her who killed him. He has captured Ellaria Sand - who happened to have killed Cersei's only daughter - and one of the Sand sisters. Nor will she reveal to him in this episode of Game of Thrones whether she believes him about the white walkers. He gives her what no other man could give - justice. He is now free to go and return to Daenerys Targaryen's side.

At about 0:23, a torch-wielding Jon leads Daenerys through a dark underground cavern...hmmm...could it be dragonglass?? This is a huge win for the real war to come, but it wasn't the best game play. The gradual reveal of what was happening, including the fact the Euron (Pilou Asbaek) was last scene ensuring that Jaime could retake Casterly Rock, was outstanding. He even asks for advice: "Gentle or rough?" before adding something off-color that can not be printed in a publication like this, unless, that is, it is said by the White House communications director. R is Rhaegar, the son of the "Mad King" and Daenerys' much older brother, who died almost two decades ahead of the events of the show. And for the next few minutes it's pure, uncut Cersei. Tyrion responds, "It's either me or this cold, and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere". Cersei also insists she is a Lannister and will actually pay her debt.

Considering what she did to Myrcella's (Nell Tiger Free) killer Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma) in the episode, we can assume that if Cersei knew Olenna's part in Joffrey's death, her own end would've been much more painful. Do not read on unless you have watched. Well, not great. Jon didn't bend the knee, and wouldn't submit to many of her requests. Once again, the audience doesn't see Olenna's death, but she got the last laugh. Meanwhile, Cersei has done things that Olenna didn't think were capable of imagining, and that she's truly a monster. Only that the old, badass lady of House Tyrell drank poisoned wine served by Jamie Lannister.

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