Callbacks and Easter eggs in Game of Thrones 703, "The Queen's Justice"

It can be recalled that in "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode 2, Daenerys finally met Olenna Tyrell, the only surviving member of House Tyrell, and Elyria Sand, who has seized control over Dorne to exact her revenge against Cersei.

That looks an terrible lot like Arya overlooking Winterfell to us.

This time round, Queen Cersei was the showstopper. Warning: moderate spoilers ahead! However, last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones may have set that revelation to come out regardless of whether Bran spills the secret that Ned Stark desperately protected for two decades. She's on her way back to Winterfell to be with her family.

"I FEEL ALIVE!" Jarett Wieselman, a senior entertainment editor for BuzzFeed News, tweeted alongside a photo of the two characters. She is blindly saying he is loyal to her, and not thinking twice about it. Factor in she is not giving him what he wants (marriage), until the war is won, he is one step closer to stabbing her in the back. We all knew it wasn't Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf, but Lannister's didn't. Olenna added defiantly: "I want her to know it was me". She told her that she would marry a king (Robert Baratheon), that she would have three bastard children all of whom would die, and finally that a younger, more attractive would cast her down and take everything she holds dear.

She wasn't technically a queen, but she will forever be the queen of shade in our book. George R.R. Martin loves to work hints at future events into Game of Thrones. We've also been witnesses to the brutality exhibited by Queen Cersei Lannister on a regular basis, as she strives to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Jaime, her twin brother and lover is also her younger sibling. Our goal died with the Mad King.

So, perhaps Jaime will finally see some sense and bring an end to her reign? "I'm losing" Says Daenerys.

"I am the last Targaryen, Jon Snow". Will her decision to let the King in the North mine the dragon glass convince him to be her ally?

Daenerys sounds like a petulant child and Jon, an insane stranger asking for help against a mythological "army of the dead".

But Jon has a bigger problem he's more concerned about - the Night King and his army of undead white walkers heading straight for Westeros.

HBO may be scrambling to respond to its recent cyber heist - word is that hackers made off with "thousands of internal company documents", including at least one Game of Thrones script - but its fantasy flagship marches on.

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