Littlefinger Just Explained His Entire Philosophy on Game of Thrones

Now, I haven't been keeping track of every raven every person in Westeros has sent to Winterfell in the past seven seasons, but Littlefinger's reaction speaks volumes.

When people are walking alone in dark hallways I like to approach them from behind and say some cryptic thing in my bad accent like, "You know, it's freedom, not power, that tempts the wicked" or some other really weird shit like that, which almost means one thing and not quite another. While Bran's sociopathic manner could be explained by that transition, it doesn't tell the whole story.

In an interview for the July 14 issue of Newsweek, Brienne actor Gwendoline Christie teased what was coming up for her character in Season 7.

This is the reunion that we imagine is going to happen the soonest, given that she is ruling the city with Jon gone.

The site of Drogon in full flight suggests the next episode will be the most action packed yet. Here's everything you need to know. If she does, Littlefinger had better not lay a finger on Sansa.

First thing's first: the poison used is called 'the strangler'. "There are tears #GameOfThrones".

But the closer Game of Thrones gets to the end, the more liberties it takes with the idea of sequential storytelling.

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"The Queen's Justice" made it obvious that Bran is not only concerned about larger matters than who sits the Iron Throne but that emotions and personal connections in general are meaningless to him.

And the interruptor is very key. Arya hasn't seen any of her siblings since she went through her Faceless Man training, and fear of their judgment may make her apprehensive about a reunion.

Even if she does come home wearing her own face, there's no guarantee that she will stay, especially since Jon isn't there. Did she dig up a Manual on Diplomatic Winter-Prep and follow the instructions? The episode never got aired as none of the friends and audience David Benioff understood the plot of Jamie and Cersei Lannister. He's spent his time at Winterfell trying to get in Sansa's ear, could the return of Arya make that easier?

Bran's survival is not guaranteed.

Bran's reaction to seeing his big sister was a bit frosty. But Littlefinger wasn't privy to that conversation, and he'll want Bran out of Sansa's his way, since Bae (lish) is still deluded enough to believe he'll actually be with Sansa. Then again, the timing on this is spectacularly poor, and how he continues is more than a little creepy.

This theory could go either way; most fans would prefer to see Sansa remain loyal to Jon Snow, with her familial loyalty steering her decision-making.

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